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Shall We Start Their Own Business?

With the competition in the job market becoming increasingly fierce graduates, some ambitious students have tried their hands at launching their own businesses. Over the years, there have been many successful cases of student entrepreneurship and such attempts should be encouraged and promoted by both the universities and the society at large.

Students who start businesses are pioneers, among whom will be born China’s future business leaders. Faced with unknown challenges, they are audacious enough to embark on a perilous journey while most of their peers enjoy stable salaries by working as white-collars at high-end office buildings. Nevertheless, they are the masters of their own destiny and, exposed to many more uncertainties and setbacks, they develop perseverance, stamina and the indomitable spirit that are indispensible to all the great entrepreneurs. Even if they fail, they are not down; they keep exploring for new business opportunities and work tirelessly until they succeed. As people of vision, of individual initiative, of leadership, and of creativity and innovation, they represent the future and the hope of a nation.

Not all college graduates are suitable for undertaking entrepreneurial projects. To launch a business, one needs to have a sound business idea, a viable business plan, the charisma to create a cohesive team where members make concerted efforts for a common objective, effective managerial skills, and above all, the courage to compete against powerful rivals and ultimately to prevail. The essential difference between the students who become civic servants in government organizations or employees at leading domestic or multinational companies and those who create their own businesses is that the former are docile followers whereas the latter are aggressive trailblazers. For this reason, business-launching college graduates are more admirable, and thus they command our deep respect.



那些自己进行创业的学生可被视为先驱,在他们之中,将会诞生中国未来的商界领袖。尽管面对着许多未知的挑战,他们仍无所畏惧地踏上一条充斥着艰难险阻的征程。与此形成对比的是,他们的大多数同龄人却作为白领,在高端写字楼里上班,拿着稳定的薪水。但是,创业的学生才是其命运真正的主人。由于接触到更多的不确定性与挫折,他们形成了锲而不舍、坚忍不拔、顽强不屈的精神,所有这些品质都是杰出企业家所不可或缺的。即使他们失败,他们不会垮掉,他们会不断探索,寻找新的商机,不知疲倦地努力,直至成功。作为一个具有远见卓识、个人进取性、领导力、创造力和创新精神的群体,他们代表着一个国家的未来与希望。并非所有的大学毕业生都适合去从事创业项目。要想创业,必须要有一个好的商业点子,一个可行的商业规划,非凡的个人魅力以形成一个有凝聚力的团队,使团队成员们步调一致地去奋力实现共同的目标,以及有效的管理才华; 尤其是,需要有敢于与最强劲对手展开竞争、并最终取得胜利的勇气。那些成为政府机构里的公务员的学生,或者那些成为本土大企业或跨国公司的雇员的学生,与那些自己进行创业的学生相比,最本质的差别在于,前者是温顺的追随者,而后者则是奋发进取的探路者。正是基于这一原因,创业的大学毕业生们更令人钦佩,也因而赢得了我们深深的敬意。

为什么要创业英语?  第1张


就读英语专业的同学,除了可以从事外贸行业之外,是否也可以自己创业呢?下面是我给大家整理了创业 英语 作文 ,供大家参阅!


Sometimes we break through by cutting a hole into our resistance with our willpower, and sometimes we melt the ice with compassion for our predicament and ourselves. Either way, each time we break through, we reach a new understanding of the strength we store within ourselves. When we find ourselves up against that frozen barrier of thinking we cannot handle our situation, we may find that the kindest choice is to love ourselves and our resistance too.


"Business" is also a profession:

Many students believe that entrepreneurship is a career in itself,at the peak of employment,give yourself a wider sky,and many people think that in the future society,self-employed people will more and more,and even become mainstream employment,become the first job after graduating from college students dizzy 3,the requirements of economic reasons the economy is an important reason students choose their own businesses.In taking economic construction as the center of a large environment,the working conditions are an important factor has to be considered,self-employment is likely to bring good economic returns.


The campus, which is believed to be a place for students to gain knowledge, but as the world gets globalized, many business centers have moved into the campus. Students enjoy the commercial environment, but some people think that the commercial environment will have negative effect to the students. I think the campus should be pure.


On the one hand, campus is the place for students to learn the knowledge. The school should create the environment which is suitable for the students to study. Such as the school can open the shops to sell the books, or the things which are related to the study.


On the other hand, the commercial centers will distract students’ attention from their study. The shop, the theater and other shops have built in some campus, it makes the students can’t focus their minds, they just want to finish their class and then go shopping. The original purpose has been forgotten by the students.


Though the commercialize of campus brings students convenience, it is not suitable to let those shops open, students’ main duty is to study and the commercialize will interfere them.





Clear objectives. Only by clear and declared target in order to stimulate the invincible strength. Investors hope that entrepreneurs can indeed work hard to achieve the established objectives, but also hope that the entrepreneur so hard to make money because it is a measure of the scale of personal achievements of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs must to investors, whether it is investment funds or manpower to investors that, his ideal to make money, but not to greedy, but because how much money is their own personal achievement standard detection and make the investment themselves know that they are a type of fulfillment of a industry talent


"Ideas determine!" ! !

Many people have heard the phrase, but instant and forget, but the fact that I was around all the time to verify the truth! University where I have a female classmate, is the only class of Wenzhou, long relatively ugly, nor the intention of learning at home parents is to open a shoe factory, so that well-off. In every test in the middle class inferior, likes to show off a bit of money, quite pull, so do not chase her male students, female students look down on her. But this girl likes to brag about the best five years after graduation to buy a BMW car, gave future husband to do a wedding gift, others feel she is Italian *, more I hate her.

However, this behavior is not the same girl, the others too busy to research level, learning that something Haozhaogongzuo increase the stock of knowledge in the future, she does not like is to learn, like most nights in the college entrance is a street vendor, commodity from the surrounding market came some inferior gadgets, crying aloud, not very profitable, and later own and sell candied fruit, do not make money and later buy their own pressure cooker, popcorn collapse night, the kind of two dollars a pot, so mingled graduation, even Listen to her four years of college himself said he earned a total of nearly 2 million.

After graduation, she was not looking for a job directly to the Hangzhou Silk Street, with the help of relatives opened a small facade, three years later is said to be rich, even when open cars Honda class reunion to attend. 5 years yet to come, but she had said to her husband to send BMW promises, many students began to believe.

What example illustrates this reality?

The girl described the concept of more advanced, others took the old nose effort in PubMed, in learning, in research, she has to look for a business, they not think of the future to go to work, the results of a few years after graduation to become a so-called successful people, and the overall quality of college much higher than her other students, or holding of a thousand a month salary, or just graduate, beleaguered find work.

This is different for different choices decide the fate of the different ideas determine a different way!

The girl mediocre intelligence, personality in general, people long and ugly, but the only valuable is the idea more advanced, look to their own business to do business, insist on doing down than those students admitted to the master's and doctoral are promising. Turning back to the 1980s Wenzhou and Sichuan.

Wenzhou peasant farmers in Sichuan in the 1980s and are among the first battles of the crowd began to Wenzhou Chinese farmer battles way to repair umbrellas, pens, pots, or reselling point petty merchandise, wandering around in short. Sichuan farmer battles way is to go directly to work in Guangdong. 80s who dared to come out battles are people with courage, because the era of information developed, the traffic is not convenient, people outside world cling to a deep fear. Sichuanese and Wenzhou have the courage and boldness, but due to different ideas, took a different path to get rich.

29 years later, Wenzhou, farmers have become China's richest people, who mastered the most absorbed into China's business skills, their wealth can even let their offspring to go abroad, to Europe to do business; and the first generation of farmers in Sichuan workers who have quit the stage of history, most of them poor continue to live in his hometown in Sichuan, and follow their father's footsteps juniors continue crowded rush to Guangzhou for the bosses of cruel exploitation, has become one of the poorest social class of people.

What does this mean? Because parents choose different, not only affect themselves, but also affect their offspring! Wenzhou farmer's hard work to make their own and future generations to rid itself of poverty, while farmers in Sichuan hard work in exchange for the sons of sad endless sorrow and poverty.

Ideas determine, again verified!

Zhejiang out of an economist, very great, he summed up the philosophy of Zhejiang's work: "I would rather do business wolf, not working dog," of course, this saying is very extreme, many workers are not willing to listen to friends, But we think about it, the man's words really a bit of sense of it.

Wolf to seek freedom, preferring an independent personality, freedom of thought, every day run on the prairie, the wanton killing of cattle and sheep, provided by nature to enjoy every delicious as possible, after lying on the grass to eat, do not want anything, enjoy the sun and free air, they are dominated by grasslands, they are plenty of dignity. But when the cold comes, they must learn to resist the cold snowstorm, learn to find their prey beneath thick snow, often suffer from hunger, at any time worried about their Donge died. Wolf's life can be described as half water, half of the flame.

Dog's Life on the contrary, usually the owner of the dog can only eat scraps remaining, was the owner yelling busy everywhere, no freedom, no dignity, only fawning dog's life is guaranteed, though never eat less than what Delicious, but do not worry about the arrival of the winter cold and hungry, a master of the fart care, dogs grateful, swear allegiance to the next life is still the main man, even the owner of wanton abuse dogs, dogs are probably not dare to utter a word, Because obedient and docile dog who sign. Compromises the dog's tag, in order to stabilize the rice bowl, for their own old when a fixed rations, all recognize!

If the real-life people to compare the estimated most of us are living a dog's life, stable and comfortable, but never enough to eat, I want to leave the host family's doghouse, but the lack of the most drastic of courage!

I felt the reality of most career choices of young people is to do the dog work, rather than do business wolf. Many of my friends would say, just out of school students, where there is capital and experience to start it? The best option is to go to the company to work a few years, experience points and reserve funds, then there is a chance a few years later and then start their own businesses.

In fact, this idea proved to be very wrong, a college student unit of work a few years later, not only to make money not needed for business, but can not learn entrepreneurial experience and skills. Learned working career entrepreneurship is essentially useless, because the two different perspectives, different ways of thinking, Experience obtained are also different, can only say that after a few years the only thing you get to work to improve the working technical skills, and entrepreneurship need is technical skill.

Even more frightening is that after working a few years, young people generally lose the entrepreneurial passion, loss of fearless courage, more and more difficult to extricate themselves indulge in the unit, then the idea of entrepreneurship will forever remain in my heart, become a permanent regret. To wait until the age of 40 were dismissed boss, only to regret it 20 years ago, why not start your own business out of it!

So what do business wolf requirements high?

My answer is: as long as there is a wolf do entrepreneurial ideas, even if pockets of only 100 yuan, still able to entrepreneurial success!

Early generation of Wenzhou people out of business a few pocket money? Not by changing the eggs to earn the first money exchange wok thing. Your pocket only 100 yuan, at least you can put a stall in the street, selling socks, winter gloves or something, what's the summer selling pineapple, funded in mind can put forward a barbecue and the like, anyway, less money, but also to go on the road of entrepreneurship, the key you want to do business wolf? .


Because sometimes people cannot find secure or stable jobs. And some people want to be a boss instead of an employee. They think they can earn a good forture and have more chances to be successful by doing their own business.